Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why Should I Blog???

Jessi and I went home for Christmas and a couple people from SC told me that if I had a blog they would read it. So the point of me Starting this blog is to see if my friends lied to me to make me feel like a better Preacher. My intentions for this blog is to share with my friends or anyone else who wants to read, my personal incites on Scripture, Ministry, or sometimes I might just want to vent. This blog comes with Warnings, so please take note of this:

1st- I know I do not share the same views with everyone....more than likely you will disagree with me sometimes!

2nd- Many of you know that I love to Argue, so you have been warned. If you disagree with my view and want to discuss it I will.

3rd- MY WRITING SKILLS STINK! I do not spell well, I do not use commas right, my tenses will change, but I am passionate about what I have to say. If you like to point out every grammar error, so that, you feel good about yourself I am tuff I can take it, but it is not necessary.

4th- The Purpose of my blog is not to make us feel better inside, but to convict us of what we are doing or not doing, so we Change. (notice the use of WE it is because I will be writing to myself as well.)

5th- I am a PREACHER, this means I PREACH, I know I Sound preachy it is my intent.

Please keep these points in mind, as you read my future blogs.


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